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Business Transportation - Cessna 414
RAM Series
VI - 250 mph - Flying at 20,000 ft.

Cessna 414
RAM - Series VI
335 horsepower
A Cessna 414 can transport you and your people, from your airport, on your schedule. It’s truly a reliable airplane.

Featuring a 4.2 differential pressurized cabin, enjoy a sea level cabin to 9,000 ft., and hold an 8,000 ft. cabin at 20,000 ft. A Cessna 414 can be updated with the latest high tech avionics and instrumentation.

An airstair door makes it easy to step inside the Cessna wide oval cabin where you can handle business with your associates and customers in comfortable club seating.
Single pilot or owner flown, bring along three to four passengers and still have the fuel needed for a long trip.

A Series VI can cruise climb to FL180 in 18 minutes. Maximum cruise is at 20,000 ft. where a 75% power cruise setting will deliver 218 ktas/250 mph on 20.8 gallons a side.

RAM overhauls dozens of CMI TSIO-520-NB engines to support the Cessna 414 fleet. In the process we upgrade their engine horsepower and install new propellers. Critical engine and installation accessories are replaced with new and quality overhauled parts, beginning with RAM’s Nickel New Cylinder Package.

Behind each of our engine overhauls and performance upgrades stands the Industry respected trust and integrity of RAM’s TBO Warranty Support Program.
Engine Model: CMI TSIO-520-NB
RAM Overhauled
Horsepower: RAM STC - from 310 hp to 335 hp
335 hp
Time Between Overhauls - TBO
1,600 hrs.
Fuel Capacity with use of Auxiliary Tanks
163 gallons
Takeoff - Manifold Pressure @ 2700 rpm
41" MP
Runway Acceleration: 0 to 100 mph
19 seconds
Single Engine Climb:
310 fpm
Cruise Climb Power:
2500 rpm / 35.0" MP
Cruise Climb: Sea Level to 18,000 ft.
18 minutes
Cruise Speed @ 75% Power @ 20,000 ft.
218 ktas / 250 mph
Cruise Speed @ 65% Power @ 20,000 ft.
203 ktas / 233 mph
Cruise Speed @ 55% Power @ 20,000 ft.
188 ktas / 216 mph
Useful Load Increased by an additional:
+ 415 lbs.
Ramp Weight:
6,800 lbs.
Gross Weight:
6,765 lbs.
Landing Weight:
6,430 lbs.
Zero Fuel Weight:
6,165 lbs.
Performance is based on a mid CG with mid cabin and fuel weight on an average day. Performance should always be calculated per flight environment while referring to the Manufacturer's Pilots Operating Handbook and applicable Flight Manual Supplements for the particular airplane. Aircraft Manufacturer's Pilot Operating Handbooks and Aircraft Owner's Manuals should always be available and adhered to by the aircraft Pilot in Command, including attention to applicable FAA approved Flight Manual Supplements and emergency procedures for each individual aircraft. Performance should vary from airplane to airplane, atmospheric day to atmospheric day, one gross weight and CG to another, and pilot to pilot.

Cessna 414 - Dimensions:

Continuous Piston Engine Leadership
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