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RAM Nickel New Cylinder Package

RAM has taken the lead, again...
Not one wear related problem in 52,000 cylinders!

Available for Lycoming and Continental (CMI) engines.

The long time nemesis of big bore engines has been prematurely worn out cylinder barrels. RAM has again taken the lead to find the...Nickel solution. We started in 1998. Now over 14,000 cylinders later, we know that nickel+carbide™ coated bore new cylinders are extending cylinder life. Not one wear related problem in over 14,000 cylinders!

The RAM Nickel New Cylinder Package includes nickel+carbide™ coated bore cylinders - ECi processed factory new or PMA new. Each is equipped with a thermal plasma sprayed top compression ring. To ensure success, RAM talks straight about oil: “Use mineral based ashless dispersant oils for normal operation. No synthetics or semi-synthetics.” All RAM overhauled engines include nickel+carbide™ coated bore new cylinders. They are the best we have seen in 37 years.

Warranty programs are a good thing. Cylinders that work are better!

RAM Nickel New Cylinder Package for
Lycoming and Continental CMI engines

By combining a nickel+carbide™ coated bore with the alloy steel of a new cylinder bore, a bimetallic cylinder barrel is produced that is structurally strong, corrosion proof and wear resistant. Desirable qualities, without compromise. The finest we have ever offered !

A nickel+carbide™ coated bore, as offered in the RAM Nickel New Cylinder Package, includes a proprietary method of metallurgically bonding a layer of nickel+carbide™ coating onto the bore of a new cylinder. It is an electrolysis procedure similar in concept to transferring chromium onto a steel bore; however, paired up with a plasma sprayed top compression ring and mineral based ashless dispersant oil, nickel+carbidecoated bores on new cylinders are proving to be far more durable and longer lasting than any cylinder or cylinder bore we have ever offered.

The carbide particles within the nickel process provide the primary wear surface, while the nickel acts as the matrix to hold the particles in place. Uniformly distributed, these carbide particles generate a multitude of sites for oil retention, providing for a wear resisting oil wettable surface. Because carbide is not a metal, it does not corrode in any environment. Nickel is tough, being the primary metal [ 80% ] used in engine exhaust valves, proven to be resistant to the abuses of extreme heating.

RAM and Engine Components, Inc. ( ECi ) work together daily to ensure nickel+carbidecoated bore new cylinders are available for CMI and RAM overhauled CMI Continental engines such as TSIO-520, GTSIO-520 and IO-520 series. RAM and ECi also provide for Lycoming normally aspirated 540's, 360's and 320's.

ECi actually began nickel+carbide™ coating bores in 1994, typically servicing overhauled cylinders. Since beginning, ECi has nickel+carbidecoated more than 130,000 cylinder barrels -- representing millions of hours of measurable reliability. Such success led both ECi and RAM to realize the value of using the nickel+carbidecoating process on new cylinders as well.

In 1998, RAM began installing nickel+carbidecoated bore New Cylinders at every opportunity. To date, RAM has observed an unprecedented level of reliability, due in part to ECi’s highly automated procedures. All variables such as cleaning, temperature, amperage, and application time are computer controlled. Since cylinder reliability turned out to be so impressive over the past several years, RAM is installing nickel+carbidecoated bore New Cylinders on all RAM OHE Engines.

Uniformity of Composition
During the nickel+carbide coating process, carbide particles are continuously blended into the electrolyte that is transferring nickel ions to the new steel barrel / bore. As a result of this proprietary blending process, both the nickel and the carbide are applied concurrently, intermixed like the aggregate in concrete. Such consistent mixing of the nickel and carbide ensures a uniform blend across the entire cross section, thus providing an unparalleled level of durability. Unlike other bore treatments, there is no plating or surface hardening to be worn off prematurely. Over a TBO period, the bore wear surface remains consistently hard, oil wettable and durable.

Ring Compatibility
Piston rings seal the combustion chamber, transfer heat from the piston to the cylinder walls,
and control the flow of oil. There are soft cast iron rings with flake graphite and hard cast iron
( centrifugally cast ) rings. Some rings are chrome plated.

The rings for RAM’s nickel+carbidecoated bore begin with a top compression ring that has a thermal plasma sprayed face, and that face has a barrel type rounded contour. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rings are flake-graphite cast iron. The oil control 3rd ring is a coil expander ring. The 4th ring has the scrape toward the head. This combination of rings is providing excellent break-in results.

For the performance required of high BMEP engines, operating at high altitudes with extreme temperature variations, this bimetallic half wedge top compression ring works best. It has a very low tendency to scuff and it forms oxides well at high temperatures to create self lubrication. Controlled porosity on the ring face for oil retention combined with self lubrication results in optimum ring performance.

Mineral Based Oils - Only
RAM uses Mineral Oil for break-in procedures and Mineral Based Ashless Dispersant Oils
for normal operations. RAM recommends changing both oil and filter every 25 to 50 hours,
or changing the oil every 25 hours while changing the filter at each 50 hour interval.

Break-in Oil
Break-in procedures should be followed whether replacing one cylinder or six, and that includes using a Multi-Viscosity Mineral Oil such as SAE 20W-50 Phillips Type-M. The minimum break-in period should be considered the first twenty-five hours of operation. Turbocharged engines typically break-in sooner due to higher peak cylinder pressures. Therefore, the oil should be changed as soon as oil consumption stabilizes, but no later than the first twenty-five hours. At that time, the oil should be changed to an (AD) Ashless Dispersant Mineral Based Oil.

Single Viscosity AD Oil
RAM recommends a Single Viscosity Mineral Based (AD) Oil such as Aeroshell 100W or 100W Plus (SAE 50 wt.), or Aeroshell 80W (SAE 40 wt.). Service records indicate that mineral based oils perform significantly better than synthetic and semi-synthetic oils.

Multi-Viscosity AD Oil
Cold starting conditions typically warrant the use of a multi-viscosity oil. RAM recommends a Mineral Based Multi-Viscosity (AD) Oil such as Phillips 66 X/C, which is a SAE 20W-50 oil.

No Synthetic Oils
Synthetic oil blends & semi-synthetic oils are not recommended by RAM.

The Challenge We Accepted...Durability
Six Years and Counting. Unmatched Cylinder Performance!

The industry quest for big bore cylinder durability had been alive and well for well over twenty years. Owners, pilots, mechanics, OEM’s and overhaul facilities had all looked for solutions. Resolved that more could be done, six years ago, RAM recommitted to the challenge of finding cylinders, pistons, rings and oils with long lasting properties...durability.

Obviously, big bore turbocharged engines are powerful machines. Metal wears on metal as with any machine, it’s inevitable. Making it more of a challenge, these engines operate across a wide range of tough temperatures. Every effort is made to help them last longer. We apply oils as best we know how in order to slow the inevitable. We micro-machine the surfaces and select only the best metals available. We operate and maintain these engines the best we know how in order to slow the inevitable. It’s all about...durability.

Like having new neighbors during a scavenger hunt, the aviation industry has gone from door-to -door in search of cylinder durability. Cylinders have been channel chromed, cermicrome® processed, and nitrided. Oils have ranged from mineral to synthetic, and top oil elixirs have offered to save the day. Opinions about engine break-in procedures have been out matched only by Elvis sightings, and aviation writers have made a living reprocessing stories about durability.

Living and working within the aviation neighborhood for over twenty-nine years, we confess to going door-to-door ourselves in search of durability. RAM has built a reputation for both engine quality and customer service. Good mechanics providing good service has been easy when compared to the task of mastering a solution to slow the wear and tear on engines. RAM has not been shy about leadership and has introduced new parts at every opportunity.

Based on expert advise, we have tried different oils. We have used steel bores and chrome bores. Bottom line, we have not been exempt either. Big bore durability has been a challenge. But perhaps, just perhaps, we have finally discovered the mother-load of success! After all these years, a combination of ingredients are now really working well together !

For the past six years, our recommitment to durability has rewarded us with even more success than we had expected. RAM, along with Engine Components, Inc. ( ECi ), has now matched up a combination of cylinder and oil features that perform better than anything we have ever offered, or seen offered by any other engine overhauler, or engine OEM, or PMA cylinder supplier.

Each of our nickel new cylinders includes: a complete new cylinder assembled, a nickel+carbide™ coated cylinder bore, a barrel faced plasma sprayed top compression ring, and the use of specific mineral based AD oils. Working together, these three critical ingredients have dropped cylinder wear-related problems dramatically. We are achieving durability!

Available for both:
CMI Continental Engines and Lycoming Engines

After six years of continuous success, installing well over 2,400 cylinders per year, we couldn't leave this much progress on the table. We had to offer a RAM Nickel New Cylinder Package for normally aspirated Lycoming engines.

Although RAM is known for overhauling CMI Continental engines, the same excellent durability can just as easily be applied to cylinders for Lycoming engines, and we have done so. Reliability and performance is exactly as expected when applied to cylinders for Lycoming engines.

We expect an eventual industry switch to nickel+carbide™ coated bores; they are simply that much better. RAM is pleased to be in such a leadership position. We strongly encourage all Aircraft Mechanics and Service Managers to take advantage of our proven success with the Nickel Solution...New cylinders with nickel+carbide™ coated bores.

These cylinders are especially beneficial to the smaller single engine personal airplanes that do not fly as often. These airplanes can use the extra protection offered against corrosion, yet strong and wear resistant.

RAM Nickel New Cylinder Packages for both Lycoming and Continental CMI engines can be ordered from RAM Aircraft, LP 1-254-752-8381 Ask for: Parts Sales Department

Be sure to ask for a free copy of our current annual RAM Parts Catalog - in color and illustrated.


NASCAR Nextel Cup, BMW and Porsche

These industry icons of engine performance are using Nickel/Silicon Carbide cylinder bores to achieve durability, referred to as Nikasil.™ From experience, they know that cylinder bore quality plays a huge role in reducing friction and blow-by for improved engine performance and durability, and they are not in a position to be wrong about cylinder performance.

RAM has achieved durability too! No premature wear or corrosion
from 10,000 cylinders delivered during the past five years. Engine Components, Inc. ( ECi ) offers us a proprietary nickel and silicon carbide composite applied to the bores of their PMA new cylinders.
We use either their PMA new cylinders, or we have them apply their composite to the new OEM cylinders we use.

Following are quotes from Engine Builder Magazine, Nov. ‘02, Vol. 39, No.1. The Smooth Science of Cylinder Honing, by Technical Editor, Larry Carley. He notes:

“In recent years, Nikasil™ cylinder bore coatings have provided a [honing] challenge for engine builders. Nikasil™ is a hard coating of nickel and silicon carbide about .0025” to .003” thick, applied to cylinder bores to improve wear resistance.”

“Invented by the German firm Mahle, Nikasil was originally developed for the Mercedes Wankel rotary engine. It has been used by BMW and Porsche in some of their engines, and is also used in some motorcycle and marine engines, and even many NASCAR Winston Cup engines.”

Kiebler explains,“NASCAR Winston Cup shops are using Nikasil™ cylinders. If it’s good for NASCAR, it’s not going to be long before you start seeing it in OEM engines.”

RAM takes added steps toward achieving durability, it’s our
RAM Nickel New Cylinder Package.

RAM’s success is attributed to three essential elements:
  1. A new nickel silicon carbide cylinder bore.
  2. A molybdenum and barrel faced compression ring.
  3. Mineral based oils only. No synthetic or semisynthetic oils.

These three elements, all working together, are achieving Durability!

For Pricing Information on RAM Nickel New Cylinder Packages, Click here!

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