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At RAM, we stand behind our products and workmanship, offering you customer service after the sale with the best warranty in the industry. RAM has specialized in the overhaul of Continental Motors, Inc. (CMI) IO-520, IO-550, TSIO-520, GTSIO-520, TSIOL-550A, and
GTSIO-520 engines since 1976.

Each ValueTime aircraft engine overhauled by RAM is covered by this RAM Limited warranty.

  1. WARRANTY COVERAGE - ENGINE & ACCESSORIES: For a period of twelve months after the purchase of a ValueTime engine, or 500-hours of its operation, whichever occurs first, after the appropriate Warranty Start Date per section (3) below, RAM will at its option repair or replace, on an exchange basis, any ValueTime engine or engine part supplied by RAM (i.e. crankshaft, crankcase, cylinders, pistons, rods, pins, oil pump, internal gears, camshaft, lifters, oil cooler, magnetos, starter, starter adapter, ignition harnesses, fuel system components) which within the applicable twelve months or 500-hour time period is returned to RAM and upon examination by RAM is found to the satisfaction of RAM to be defective in material or workmanship.

    LABOR: RAM will pay for labor costs that RAM considers reasonable associated with repairs or replacements under this warranty, and for troubleshooting costs associated with identifying the need for such repairs or replacements, when pre-coordinated through a RAM representative. The amount of repair and replacement labor costs allowed will be in accordance with warranty labor allowance schedules published by CMI or the aircraft manufacturer. The amount of troubleshooting costs allowed will be the reasonable costs under the circumstances of identifying the need for such repairs or replacements, but in no event will the troubleshooting costs allowed exceed fifteen percent (15%) of the labor cost associated with such repairs or replacements allowed by RAM. No troubleshooting cost allowance will be made where the need for repairs or replacements is identified in the course of overhaul or routine maintenance.

    TRANSPORTATION: The customer is responsible for shipping any part, component or the engine required for RAM Warranty consideration to RAM Aircraft L.P. in Waco, Texas. The return item will be shipped back to the customer by RAM.

  2. ACCESSORIES & CYLINDERS:After the expiration of the applicable twelve month or 500-hour WARRANTY COVERAGE period described above RAM will assist the Customer in requesting the benefit of any warranties that may be provided by the accessory or cylinder’s original equipment manufacturer. RAM WILL NOT AND DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY SEPARATE OR ADDITIONAL WARRANTY AS TO ACCESSORIES OR CYLINDERS.
  3. WARRANTY START DATE: RAM OHE ValueTime engine(s) are shipped for the purpose of being installed in the field by an approved aircraft maintenance facility and will have a warranty start date that begins the date the engine(s) are delivered to the aircraft owner or his representative by the engine installer, but not to exceed 30 days after the initial engine(s) shipment date from RAM, which ever date occurs first. Logbook entry of the delivery date is required.

  4. BROKERED SALVAGE ENGINES - WARRANTY LIMITS: Engines last overhauled by RAM and being sold or brokered as parts or as salvage engine(s) have no Warranty.

  • This warranty applies only to engines and parts that are supplied by RAM. Nothing contained herein should be construed as a warranty by RAM of any part not manufactured or supplied by RAM.
  • This warranty applies only to engines on which the inspection, maintenance, and operating instructions contained in the applicable CMI Engine Operation and Installation Manual, aircraft operator and maintenance manuals, applicable CMI/aircraft Service Bulletins, and any RAM-recommended operational or maintenance procedures have been performed.
  • CMI engine preservation and storage procedures as outlined in the applicable CMI Operation and Installation Manual must be performed. Ground running the engines in lieu of flight requirements is not adequate.
  • Performance of recommended inspections and maintenance must be documented by appropriate logbook entries and the logbook must accompany any engine being returned for warranty consideration.
  • This warranty does not apply to any engine overhauled, part manufactured or supplied by RAM which has been subject to misuse, neglect, or mishap, or which has been installed, repaired, adjusted, or altered in any way that in the judgement of RAM has adversely affected the engine.
  • This warranty does not apply to any engine overhauled or part manufactured or supplied by RAM which has been operated beyond CMI or RAM-recommended limits (such as, but not limited to, rpm, engine temperatures, fuel flows, or manifold pressure).
  • Damages determined by RAM Aircraft, LP to have been caused by improper engine management operations will void the warranty coverage for those damages.
  • The provisions of this warranty do not apply to normal maintenance service ( such as engine set-ups, adjustments, inspections, etc. ) or to the replacement of normal service items ( such as, but not limited to, oil, spark plugs, filters, hoses, belts, etc. )
  • RAM reserves the right to change any engine overhaul specifications, or part specifications, or prices without incurring any responsibility with regard to engines or parts previously sold or replaced.
  • All parts and labor warranty described in this agreement are based upon RAM, CMI, or subject Vendor’s published retail parts prices and approved labor schedule and labor rate on the date of transaction in American currency (dollars) United States of America.
  • All transportation payments provided by RAM are limited to that portion within the shores and borders of the Contiguous United States of America (CONUS). Any shipment beyond CONUS as described above is considered an International shipment.
  • International freight, as well as any additional administrative costs associated with International shipments and certificates, will be at the customer’s expense, both the warranty replacement part(s) and the return of applicable core(s).
  • RAM warranty is based upon timely return and receipt of applicable core(s) involved in the transaction, regardless of verified or assumed serviceable condition. Exchange core(s) should be returned to RAM in Waco, Texas within 30 days, wtih an additional 30 day allowance for International transactions.
  • International shipments are contingent on RAM receiving an advance deposit for the value of the exchange core(s) prior to shipment of applicable warranty replacement part(s).
  • Any transaction involving an International shipment, as described above, remains designated an International shipment regardless of the initial point of purchase or installation of the RAM engine(s) or part(s) within the United States of America (CONUS). Aircraft operating outside the borders of CONUS are subject to all International RAM Warranty conditions described above, regardless of United States of America registration of the aircraft.
  • The sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement as specified above. There are no other warranties expressed or implied, specifically, but without limitation, there are no implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will RAM be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of the failure of any engine or part to operate properly or arising out of any breach of warranty made herein. No person is authorized to give any other warranty or to assume any additional obligation or liability on behalf of RAM.

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